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Benefits Of Choosing Get Training

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Benefits Of Choosing Get Training


Excellent Facilities

We provide excellent facilities including practical workshops, a purpose built mock-house, individual bays, live gas supplies, and a full range of appliances


Qualified Trainers

We’re a friendly and welcoming centre, all staff are full qualified and experienced to ensure your training is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.


Long Lasting Relationships

Get Training have excellent relationships with placement providers nationwide. We are able to assist with sourcing placements for many of our candidates.


Aftercare Assistanace

Aftercare service offered to all candidates to help with technical questions and advice

In what area do we require mentors?

Candidates often travel to train with us in our Wolverhampton branch, therefore, we require mentors all over the UK especially in the West Midlands.

As a mentor, you are not locked into any contract. You can partake and withdraw as your please.

There is also an option for recruitment if you’re looking for a more permanent addition to your team. If you work well with a candidate who trains with you, you have the chance to recruit them once they’re qualified and you’ll have a valuable new asset in your team who you know you can rely on.

What does mentoring consist of?

here’s no need to pay any trainees you take on. We only ask that you share your knowledge and expertise from your experience in the industry. Trainees will assist you with jobs learning and gaining practical knowledge and skills as they go to assist them in their personal career journeys.

Whilst assisting you on-site, they will be building their portfolio, documents the varied jobs that you carry out together: taking photos of the job and explaining how they’ve carried it out in their accompanying annotations. Trainees require a variety of jobs to demonstrate they can work across a wide range and scope of work and are fully equipped and safe to work on the general public’s homes and businesses. If you only offer a particular type of work, that’s great as they can always move on to another mentor to gain experience in another type of work

Duration and structure of placement are also flexible. You agree on an arrangement with the trainee in regards to timing and duration of placement on a daily or weekly basis. Learners can assist mentors for 1 to 5 days per week, depending on the capacity of the work available and the progression of the portfolio. Following the training with a mentor, they will come back into the training centre where they will take their final assessment, testing them on their knowledge and on-site experience. The result of this, paired with their portfolio, will determine whether they pass their training. Providing they do, they are then qualified; free to register in their industry and start their new career journey with you to thank for teaching them the ropes in the real world.

Why Mentor?

For mentors, it’s a great opportunity to gain an extra resource at work and to gain satisfaction in the knowledge that you’re not only teaching someone new skills but inspiring them in their chosen field to become a successful engineer.

As a mentor, you can make a difference in candidates’ lives, and change your industry for the better with quality tradespeople coming up through the ranks. Reduce the number of rogue traders in the industry by assisting as many people as you can to work professionally with full certification. You’ve got the chance to change someone’s life just by letting them help you at work whilst you share and teach them with your practiced knowledge and pass on some tricks of the trade. It’s that easy! Wouldn’t it feel great to improve your industry for the better and make a difference to candidates’ careers and livelihood?

Our students pay for their own courses and are eager to be successful in their chosen field. Most of our first-time students are mature adults, rather than those of school leavers age, so they’re serious, motivated and are willing to learn.

Our Training Centre In Wolverhampton

Based in the West Midlands, Get Training are constantly expanding with a new range of learning options. Our centre is spacious and well-equipped, fitted with the latest modern appliances and ample practical workshop areas. We have a strong belief that candidates should use our facilities to practice their skills and use our range of appliances to build confidence and knowledge in preparation for work placements.

Perks Of Our Centre

  • Comfortable working environment
  • Purpose-built models
  • Well proportioned classrooms
  • Quiet areas available
  • Internet access & materials
  • Kitchen and living space
  • High quality appliances


Practical workshops, a purpose built mock-house, individual bays, live gas supplies, and a full range


Central Heating Installer / Dudley


Brilliant course! If you want to know exactly how to use an analyser then this course is ideal. Would recommend to any installer who wants the full knowledge in a day!

Johnson Harris

Electrician / Birmingham


Get Training gave me great confidence and skills to continue with my electrics career! I am now ready to apply my fresh skills to my career.

Matthew Fortt

Gas Safe Engineer / Isle of Wight


The course was excellent, my trainer made the course very enjoyable and I wish I had come and done the course years ago, I enjoyed every minute.

Carl Plant

Electrical Engineer / Essex


The Part P course didn’t just give me the qualification but also gave me the confidence to leave the centre with enough knowledge and skills to actually do the job

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Practical workshops, a purpose built mock-house, individual bays, live gas supplies, and a full range

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